At Differential International College (DIC), our aim is to enable our students become confident, independent and well-informed young adults prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of our changing society.


Differential International College (DIC) is based on the philosophy that man needs proper education to enable him/her face the challenges of modern time. Proper education can best be achieved with the right environment, facilities and personnel. As the world gradually becomes more competitive, we need to equip our future leaders with knowledge and tools to compete positively in the modern world, through proper education. The best investment one can make is giving the child proper education.

Our Mission

To raise a generation of students with the right tools, skills, knowledge, moral and mental abilities to excel in life and contribute positively to the development of mankind.

Our Vision

i. Impact high quality education to students
ii. Develop strong self-esteem and high personal expectation.
iii. Acquire a set of spiritual and moral value.
iv. Equip students with the tools to excel in life.
v. Expose and guide students towards appropriate career selection.
vi. Provide conducive environment for learning.
vii. Impact leadership skills.


  • Integrity
  • Unity
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Discipline
  • Hard work


These aims are achieved through the following objectives:
i. To be an outstanding school which provides an enjoyable learning environment.
ii. Provide a happy, inclusive, nurturing, encouraging, caring and safe environment for students and staff.
iii. Offer high quality educational program to students across a wide spectrum of academic ability.
iv. Encourage individual to develop a broad range of competencies.
v. Offer high quality curriculum, sports and personal development programs across wide spectrum of personal abilities and interest.
vi. Foster a culture of continuous improvement in all activities.
vii. Equip students with the skills to manage change.

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Differential International College, Awka

The environment is serene and conducive to learning while issues relating to comfort and safety of the students are accorded top priority at all times. Differential International College is Information Technology (IT) based where there is online registration, homework and assessment of the child's progress report from the school website.

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Address: 9 Orogbu Street, behind Ifebi Hospital by Igwebuike Grammar School, Awka.

Phone: 07038508829

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