1. What is warehousing

 2. What is commerce?

3. Define an office       

3b. List ten equipment found in the office   

 4. Define business studies

 5.  What is enterprise?

6.  Define book keeping

7. Who is a consumer?

8. What is business?             

9a. Differentiate between goods and services

9b. Write down any two importance of business

10. List out the items under aids to trade and explain any three

10b. what is production


1. Define sewage

1b. List three method of sewage disposal

2a. Define contact sport

2b. List six benefit of contact sport

3a. Define non contact sports

3b. List six benefit of non contact sport

4a. Define health

4b. list and explain four determinants of health

5a. Write a brief history on the game of volley ball

5b. list five skills in the game of volley ball

6a. Write a brief history on the game of football

6b. List and explain seven skills in the game of football

7. List five rules in the game of soccer

8. List five ways to prevent accident in school

9. List five causes of road accident

10. Define water polo and list five skills in water polo


1. Define social problems and list twenty-two social problems you know

2. Define exam malpractice and list seven forms of examination malpractice

3.  Write on extensively on HIV/AIDS and also add note on mode of transmission, symptoms and prevention

4. Define corruption and add note on six forms of corruption, four consequences of corruption

5. Write extensively on effects of social problems in Nigeria under the following headings a) individual

b) family c)nation


 1. Differentiate between science and technology

2. Define the term basic free hand sketching

3. List five materials used in basic free hand sketching

4. List 10 products of technology

5. Describe these set of tools a) measuring tools b) setting and marking tools c) cutting tools d) boring tools e) holding tools (include examples)

6. Draw any two tools you have learnt in your answer booklet

7. Distinguish between wood work tools and metal work tools

8. What is maintenance?

b. List the three types of maintenance

9. List five drawing material you have learnt

10 Prepare your boarder line and title blocks and with the aid of your instruments and materials, draw with free hand a) straight    b) curve





1. List and explain the grammatical functions of a noun

2. List six types of adjectives and explain them with examples

3. Define tense and list the forms

4. What is a verb?

5. Explain main and auxiliary verbs with examples

6. List and explain the types of nouns with examples each

7. List twenty examples of collective nouns

8. Explain passive and active voice

9. Make a 10 sentences in active voice and change to passive voice

10. Make five sentences each for the following a) present continuous tense b) future tense d) present tense



 1. Define civic education

2. What is value? State the forms of values

3. What is co-operation? Explain the factors that promote co-operation

4. Explain Self-reliance and list the attributes of self-reliance

5.  List types of citizenship and explain them vividly

6. State the 12 rights of citizen

7. State 10 ways of promoting national unity

8. Write five needs for national unity and integration

9. State the problems of national unity

10. Explain the types of citizen





1. Give the names of the nine planets

2. The moon rotates round the _______________ and the earth rotates and revolves round _________

3. The three examples of field force are __________________,____________ and __________________

4a. What is contact force

4b. List three examples of contact force

5. Mention the three appliances in the home that can change one form of energy to another

6. Explain the term renewable source of energy

7. List three kinds of renewable source of energy

8. Define the term energy

8b. List four main sources through which we get out natural sources of energy

9. Give four forms energy

9b. List three main uses of artificial sources of energy

10. State the energy transfer in the followings a) striking a match stick b) kicking a ball  c) heating water

11. What is matter

11b. List three states of matter

12. List seven characteristics of living things

b. State the uses of the following non-living things

i) Metals and non-metals

ii) sand and stone

iii) Air and water

iv) soil

13) List three important uses of plants and animals

b) List three harmful effects of dirty environment

14.  List three sources of air pollution within our school and home environments

b. List three human activities that affect the environment

15. List five major uses of water to man

b. List three places where coal, petroleum and gas products can be use by man

16. Define pollution

b. List three sources of air pollution

c. Mention the effects of air pollution to man and environment

17. Briefly explain the consequences of water pollution to the environment and man

18. Define the term “food”

b. List three importance of foods to animals

19. Mention three differences between metals and non-metals

20. State two purposes of space travel

b. What are the dangers in space travel?



What is the place value of 2 in the following numbers?

1. 502.168

2. 501.268

3. 568.012

4. Express 2400 as a product of prime factors in index form

5. Write 3,575,265,324 in words

6. Round off 1551.78 to the nearest whole number

7. Round off 1799 to the nearest thousand

8. Convert 5410 to base 2

9. Write 2x2x2x3x3x5 in index form

10. Express 0.25 to fraction in its lowest term

11.  Convert 13 3/7% to common fraction

 12. Find the L.cm of 12, 24 and 48

13. Simplify 12x + 3x-5x+3y-y

14. Simply (3a+2b) + (5a+2b)

15. Simplify 7(5-x) + 3x

16. A pile of sheet of papers is 100cm thick. What is the thickness of 1 sheet?

17. Calculate the one tenth of #2350

18. Solve x/2=1/4

19. A cuboid is 15cm long, 20cm wide and 10cm high. Find the volume of the cuboid

20. Remove bracket from the expression -4(2x - y)

21. Express 20% as a fraction in its lowest term

22. The region of a circle bounded by two radii and an arc is called __________

23. What is the radius of a circle of diameter 20cm?

24. Find the perimeter of a regular decagon of side 4cm

25. Evaluate -3 – ( -7)

26. Four years ago Ali was found to be 20years.what is his present age









1. Define conjunction and explain the types we have

2. Make 15 sentences in the active voice and change to passive voice

3. With examples explain transitive and intransitive verb

4. Make five sentences for each a) Past continuous tense b) past perfect tense

5. What is preposition?

6. Prepositions are used to express a number of relationships; state the relationships and make five sentences for each

7. What do you understand by adverbs? State the functions of adverb

8. Make ten sentences showing adverbial of time

9. Make ten sentences showing adverbial of reason

10. Make five sentences for each a) adverb modifies adverb b) adverb modifies preposition c) adverb modifies adjectives d) adverb modifies verb


1. Define federalism. State four characteristics of federalism

2. Explain five problems of federalism

3. Explain the relationship between the tiers of government in terms of power to legislate, forms of governance

4. Explain the differences between the tiers of government in terms functions, legislate powers, exclusive powers, concurrent powers, executive powers and residual powers

5. Define rule of law and explain the principles

6. What is fundamental human right? List them

7. What is an electoral commission? State five functions of electoral commission

8. Define election and explain the types

9. Explain five qualifications for election

10. State the importance of election


1. Define the following a) work b) energy c) power

2. Mention two sources of the following forms of energy a) electrical energy b) light energy c) chemical energy d) sound energy

3. Calculate the amount of work done when a heavy box is pushed through a distance of 8m by a force of 30N

4.  State the SI units of energy

b. Name the kind of energy car posses due to its motion

c. A ball held at a height above the ground at a given position posses what energy

d. A body of mass 200kg is released from a height of 600m. With what energy does the body strike the ground?

5. State the particulate theory of matter

6. State two differences between boiling and evaporation

7. What is the primary source of energy?

b. The transfer of heat from the sun through space is called

c. name the major ways heat travels

8. State two kinds of metals that are goods conductors of heat

b. List the names of two substances that are poor conductors of heat

c. The method of heat transfer which does not involve any material between the source of the heat and the receiver is known as ______________

9. List two application of convection of heat in our day to day activities

b. List two application of radiation of heat in our day to day activities

10. Define hydrocarbons

b. List the main sources of hydrocarbons

11. List four kinds of hydrocarbons that are contained in crude oil

b. List at least four products of fractional distillation of crude oil

12. List four uses of petrol

b. Explain the meaning of crude oil and petro chemicals

13. Explain the term cracking

b. List the names of two states where crudes oil are found in Nigeria

14. List the names of four plants found in the tropical rain forest

b. List the four animals found on the savannah grasslands

15. Name three terrestrial habitats found in Nigeria

b. Nigeria is divided into two main natural habitats namely

16. Mention two characteristics of primates

b. List four factors that affect animal’s growth

17. List three by-products of fermentation

b. List the three important elements used in making fertilizer

18. Water is a chemical substance in pure form; list four other chemical substances in pure forms

b. Chemicals are often classified based on use. List these 3 classifications

19. List two peaceful uses of nuclear energy

b. State four safety measures you would use when using chemicals

20. Give the full meaning of N.P.K used in making fertilizer

b. List at least three kinds of pesticides you know

c. The process of preserving fish and meat by smoking in combination with salting and drying is called __

d. Cassava contains a poisonous substance called ________________ this dangerous substance can be removed by ____________ within three or four days before eaten as foofoo


1. Define group behavior

b. List and explain two types of group behavior with two examples each

2. Define family

b. List and explain the two types of family with three examples each of the type of people that can be found in each type of family

3. List the five consequences of drug abuse on the individual

b. List two ways of discouraging drug abuse

4. Define harmful substance

b. List five examples of harmful substance

5. Define drug trafficking 

6. List and explain four reason for drug trafficking

7. List five dangers of drug trafficking  

8. List four ways of preventing drug abuse


1. What is emergency management?

2. When the police is given the monopoly power to protect life and property of the citizens, what does this mean to you

3. Outline any five functions of NEMA    

  4. Mention any six roles of police agency in a democratic system

5. What is food poisoning?       

6. Define road traffic accident and give of least three causes of road traffic accident

7. What is the meaning of flood and give three causes of flood

8. What have NEMA done in the country in order to control emergency

9. What are the ways in which community security agents respond to emergency situations?

10. How can you be security conscious in your society?  Mention four ways


1. Mention the names of the disciples of Jesus

2. Write three significance of the baptism of Jesus

3. What is the model of prayer Jesus taught his disciples?

4. Illustrate the story of the rich man and Lazarus

5. Give instances in the bible where people disobeyed God because of love of money

6. Illustrate the trail of Jesus before Pilates

7. Illustrate the event of the last supper

8. What are the significances of the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ?

9. Write down the way in which Christian can denial Christ and explain them

10. Write down three occasion Jesus appear to people after his resurrection


1a. Prepare a border line and title block neatly

b. Divide a circle of radius 30mm into 6 equal parts using the constant radius method

c. Construct a right angled triangle ABC with sides AB=70mm, AC= 40mm and measure /BC/

2a. What is first aid

b. Mention three principles of first aid

3. Write short note on the following a) first aid box b) wounds c) bleeding d) electric shock d) fainting

4. What is rescue operation?

b. List three aspect of rescue operation

5a. State any two types of extinction method

b. State three ways of operating a fire extinguisher

6a. State any two uses of woods

b. Give three examples of ferrous metals

7. State any two property of glass

b. Brass is an alloy of what

8. What is maintenance?

b. What is short term maintenance?

9. Write short notes on the following a) chord b) segment c) sector d) quadrant e)arc

10. What are wood work machines?

b. Mention three application of chain drive


1. With your new concept mathematics, go to page 12 of exercise 1.2. Solve questions no 1-35

2. Page 14 of exercise 1.3. Solve question no 1- 31

3.  Page 77 of new concept exercise 6.2 solve question no 1-12








1. Define separation of power. List and explain five merits of separation of power

2. Explain “check and balance” as a merit of separation of power

3. What is political participation? State five forms individuals may participate in politics

4. Explain centralization and decentralization

5. List and explain five reasons for adoption of centralization

6. Define delegated legislation. Explain the types

7. List and explain the methods employed to control to delegated legislation

8. Explain seven characteristics of political parties

9. State and explain five demerits of political parties

10. Define check and balance. State five merits



1. How did James discourage the Christians against the practice of partiality in the church?

2. Explain how the law of love is used to explain effective relationship among Christians

3. Define prayer and state the conditions for effective prayer

4. How can prayer enhance our well-being according to the teaching of James

5. Discuss the role of faith in effective prayer

6. Following peters advice, how should the Christians live in the midst of the non-Christians?

7. What should be the attitude Christians to suffering, especially when the suffering is unjustified?

8. Thanksgiving for the hope of salvation should be the hope of salvation should be the guiding principles to Christian’s attitude to persecution. Discuss

9. Explain the various ways through which Christians are persecuted today in Nigeria

10. What are the lessons in the teaching of Christianity and persecution to Christians Today?


1. What is federalism?

2. Explain 6 problems of federalism in Nigeria

3. What is political party? Explain five functions of political parties

4. What do you understand by UDHR? Write a brief history of UDHR

5. List and explain five reasons why students join cult

6. State five importance of constituted authority

7. What are the merits of orderliness?

8. List and explain four roles of orderliness in our society

9. Mention and explain four ways of preventing cultism.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE                  

SECTION A: You are the chief speaker in a school debate, the topic of which is “Public secondary schools are better than the private ones”. Write for or against the topic.


  1. We lost because we ……….. cope with the pace of the game (a) cannot (b) could not be able (c) could not (d)be able
  2. The Biology teacher’s ……………….. of the word is faulty (a) pronouncement (b)pronounsiaton (c)pronunciation (d)promulgation
  3. The occupant of the car was injured in the ……………. accident (a)fatal (b)ghastly (c)incredible (d)trivial
  4. Sam is neither too tall ……..short (a)and too (b)nor too (c)or too (d)or very
  5. Mary and Jane are always fighting …………(a)each other (b)themselves (c)another (d)the other
  6. My friend’s car has ………..to a halt (a)grinded (b)grounded (c)ground (d)grind
  7. With …………more patience, you will overcome your troubles (a)much (b)a little (c)little (d)less
  8. I saw a ………………….(a) one-legged young mad man (b)young one-legged mad man (c)one-legged mad man young (d)mad man one-legged young
  9. There are ten chairs in the room………? (a)aren’t they (b)aren’t there (c)are they (d)isn’t it
  10. My boss has an aversion for smoking (a) a consideration (b) a pity (c)a distaste (d)a habit
  11. Obviously, Ngozi is a greenhorn. (a)arrogant (b)cautious (c)inexperienced (d)uncivilized
  12.  Mary donated a widow’s might (a)was a widow (b) she could have given more (c) she gave all she could honestly afford (d) she gave what widows were expected to pay
  13. To think you can succeed without hard work is to live in a fool’s paradise. (a) having an illusion (b)think others are foolish (c) think that working is merely a joke (d)is on the verge of insanity
  14. I can………..the aroma from Katie’s stew (a)scent (b)smell (c)perceive (d)feel
  15. The meeting ………….on Friday next week (a)hold (b)shall hold (c)will hold (d)will be held
  16. They went to the ………………. on foot (a)occasssion (b)eucasion (c)occassion (d)occasion
  17. Sam runs to school…….. (a)every day (b)everyday (c)everysday (d)every days
  18. The wounded man was rushed to the hospital after a ………….road accident (a)seriously (b)fatal (c)ghastly (d)unserious
  19. Maggi or knorr cubes are my mom’s favourite ……….. to her stew (a)addictive (b)abduction (c)addition (d)additives
  20. “Yam is planted in May when the weather is fine”. What grammatical name is given to this underlined expression? (a)noun phrase (b)adverbial phrase (c)adverbial clause of time (d)adjectival phrase


Section A: Shakespeare’s Othello

Discuss two themes in Othello

Discuss Othello as a tragic hero under these standpoints:

  • Who is a tragic hero?
  • What are the features of a tragic hero?
  • Can we find these features in Othello?

Section B

  1. A character who remains unchanged in a work of art is a …….character (a)dynamic (b)stable (c)static (d)stationary
  2. ‘The sun kisses the earth daily’ is (a)metaphor (b)simile (c)paradox (d)personification
  3. A didactic piece is a work that (a)teaches human lesson (b)condemns human errors (c)dictates to the reader (d)discusses choice of words
  4. ‘Full fathom five thy father lies/ Of his bones are corals made/ Those are pearls that were his eyes/ Nothing of him that doth fade.’ The rhyme scheme is (a)abcd (b)aabb (c)baba(d)abab
  5. In literature a round character is associated with (a)change and growth (b)simplicity and modesty (c)running around everyone (d)stable and determined
  6. A quatrain is (a)the fourth line of a poem (b)a stanza consisting of four lines (c)a poem that ends with a question mark (d)the last line of a poem
  7. ‘The dum dum of the drum’ is a good example of (a)rhyme (b)assonance (c)onomatopoeia (d)metaphor
  8. Assonance occurs when (a)similar consonant sounds are repeated in a line of poetry (b)similar vowel letters are repeated in a line of poetry (c)similar vowel sounds are repeated in a line of poetry (d)a character speaks eloquently in a play
  9. In what type of a play would the playwright introduce a comic relief to reduce the tension already built up? (a)comedy (b)farce (c)tragedy (d)opera
  10. In literary criticism, a casual reference to a figure or event is regarded as an (a)alliteration (b)bring-back (c)allusion (d)ambiguity



1. Find the sum of the first 10 terms of the sequence -5, 3, 11, 19, …….

2. The first term of a G.P is 10 and the sum of infinity is 20. Find the common ratio and the sum of the first 6 terms

3. Show that the equation: x2+ 3x-10=0 has 2 and -5

b. Solve the quadratic equation:  x2+3x+4=0

4. The sum of ages of a man and his son is equal to twice the difference of their ages. The product of their ages is 507. Find their ages

5. The area of a rectangle is 55cm2 and its perimeter is 32cm; calculate the length of the sides of the rectangle

6. A house wife purchases 20 eggs and tins of beans for #220. Another house wife buys 35 eggs and 4 tins of beans, at the same unit prices for #425. Calculate the unit prices

7. Find the interior angles of a regular polygon with a) 8 sides b) 20 sides d) 24 sides

8. Two angles of a pentagon are 1410 and 1500. The other three are equal to each other. Find them

9. If the diagonal of a square is 8cm, what is the area of the square?

b. Find the length of the diagonal of rectangular field measuring 120m by 50m

10. Find the length of the arc of a circle, radius 2.7cm, if the angle subtended at the center is i) 1120

 b) 2940 ( take ∏ =22/7)

11. The total surface area of a cylinder is 2600m2. If the radius of its base is 5cm, find the height of cylinder

12. If  f(x)=x3-2x2-13x-10  find i. f(0) ii. F(-1) iii. F(-2)  iv, f(5)

13. The following is a distribution of marks of 100pupils


















a) The mean deviation

b) The standard deviation, correct to 1 decimal place

14. Find the range of valves of x for which each of the following will hold

i. 3/4x -2<4

ii. 2/3(x-1)>1/2(1-2x)+ ½

Represent each answer on a number line

15. Find the mid-point of line joining

a. (5,8),(9,11)

b. (0,0),(8,-5)

c. (-7,0),(0, 10)

d. (-4,3) (6,7)

16. The base ABCD of a right pyramid, vertex V is a rectangle, 4.4cm by 3.6cm and the length a slant edge is 3.9cm. calculate

1. The volume of pyramid

ii. The total area of its surface

17. What is the volume of a right pyramid given that height=5cm; square  base of side 3cm



  1. The lengths of a right angled triangle are xcm, (3x – 1)cm and (3x+1)cm. Find x
  2. QRS is a triangle with QS = 12m, 0 and 0, Calculate the length of RS.
  3. Four interior angles of a pentagon are (900x), (900 + x0), (1100 – 2x0), (1100 + 2x0). Find the fifth interior angle.
  4. The sum of the angles of a regular polygon is 25200. How many sides does the polygon have?
  5. Solve the following equation 
  6. 2x2 – 5x = 0
  7. 2x2 + 3 x – 2 = 0
  8. 2x2 + 5 x + 3 = 0
  9. 3x2 – 4 x + 1 = 0
  10. 5x2 – 3x – 2 = 0
  11. 6x2 + 13 x + 6 =
  12. If the root of the equation  x 2– px + 6 is 2 and 3. Find the value P.
  13. Factorize the following expression
  1. 6y2 + 15 x + 9
  2. 2x2 - 3 x + 1
  3. x2 - 7x + 10









1. Explain drugs and drug abuse. List and explain the symptoms of drug abuse

2. List six types of drugs; state their common names and their mode of usage

3. Explain seven causes of drug abuse

4. Mention and explain four basic concept of responsible parenthood

5. Explain the importance of responsible parenthood to national development

6. State any six traffic offences

7. Explain interpersonal relationship

8. List and explain four skills that promote interpersonal relationship

9. Explain the stages of interpersonal relationship

10. Explain the types of inter personal relationship



1. Why was Ahab described in the bible as the king who did evil in the sight of God?

2. What are the affects of idol worship on Christians in Nigeria today?

3. Why did King Josiah sent shaphan to the temple?

4. One with God is majority. Explain this statement using the story of Daniel

5. State four significances of faith in God as demonstrated by Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

6. Discuss the relevance of any two of the significances to present-day Nigeria Christians

7. Give the characteristics of true region

8. Do social and religious evils Amos time still exist today in our society?

9. Suggest ways in which Christians can contribute their eradication

10. Give the names of Hoseas children and their interpretation




Choose the option that best completes the sentence

  1. ……… will be seeing the English teacher after school (a)Abel and me (b)me and Abel (c)I and Abel (d)Abel and I
  2. Unfortunately, his plans to marry Chidimma fell ……. (a)off (b)down (c)under (d)through
  3. The man asked me……….. (a)who I am (b)that who are you (c)who am I (d)who I was
  4. Luck………..the robbers on that fateful day (a)came down on (b)ran out on (c)ended up with (d)made away with
  5. He never seemed to get the answers right………..(a)however he tried hard (b)he tried hard however (c)he however tried hard (d)however hard he tried Pick the option that is nearest in meaning with the underlined word
  6. His reasons for absence at the last meeting was cogent (a)insistent (b)urgent (c)convincing (d)illogical
  7. The incessant chatter of the pupils angered the teacher (a)meaningless (b)excited (c)unceasing (d)illogical
  8. The accused vehemently denied the charges against him (a)strongly (b)deliberately (c)stupidly (d)ignorantly
  9. The minister’s explanation begged the question (a)addressed the issue (b)avoided the real issue (c)was convincing (d)was false
  10. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in the group stage of the 2018 World Cup (a)scored with the head (b)deceived the defenders before scoring the goal (c)scored three goals in the match (d)scored the winning goal in the match. Choose correctly the word that contains the sound represented by the given phonetic symbol
  11. /h/ (a)honour (b)hour (c)honest (d)house
  12. /t/ (a)wrestling (b)Newcastle (c)first (d)hustle
  13. /i:/ (a)lip (b)women (c)sit (d)police
  14. /e/ (a)bird (b)term (c)clerk (d)earth
  15. /a:/ (a)fat (b)flat (c)brat (d)clerk
  16. /z/ (a)rice (b)piss (c)worst (d)is
  17. /3:/ (a)get (b)bread (c)clerk (d)earn
  18. /d/ (a)father (b)mother (c)the (d)paid
  19. /b/ (a)plumber (b)tomb (c)lamb (d) bomb
  20. /k/ (a) knight (b) college (c) chef (d) chief

SECTION B: Write (in not less than four hundred and fifty words) a letter to your uncle working abroad describing the hardship in Nigeria and requesting him to give some financial assistance.




  1. Purgation of fear, pity and emotion by the audience is (a)parody (b)opinion (c)catharsis (d)pathos
  2. A plot in literature is necessarily about (a) law of poetic justice (b) character exposition (c)resolution of conflicts (d)causal arrangement of events
  3. A funny incident happening within a very serious situation is (a)tragicomedy (b)tragic hero (c)comedy (d)comic relief
  4. In literature, a flat character is a character who (a)dies abruptly (b)achieves greatness (c)is undeveloped (d)undergoes changes
  5. “He is a faithful liar” exemplifies (a)euphemism (b)hyperbole (c)antithesis (d)oxymoron
  6. A literary work that ridicules the shortcomings of people is (a)masque (b)satire (c)pun (d)irony
  7. A literary work that teaches morals is said to (a)corrective (b)informative (c)didactic (d)impressive
  8. A mistake committed by a tragic hero that ultimately leads to his downfall is known as (a)climax (b)comic relief (c)tension (d)tragic flaw
  9. The use of gestures to communicate in drama is (a)burlesque (b)soliloquy (c)mime (d)mute
  10. A poetic device in which an idea in a line runs into another is called (a)end rhyme (b)rhyme scheme (c)enjambment (d)stanza
  11. Which of the following are literary genres(a)poetry, farce and faction (b)fiction, poetry and drama (c)drama, faction and biography (d)poetry, orthography and fiction
  12. The technique in drama in which the audience knows what the protagonist does not know is called (a)dramatic irony (b)stage direction (c)irony (d)setting
  13. ‘When to the sessions of sweet silent thoughts…’ the poem contain a predominant use of (a)motif (b)irony (c)alliteration (d)sarcasm
  14. Hyperbole refers specifically to? (a)exaggeration for beauty (b)restatement of ideas (c)exaggeration for emphasis (d)understatement of ideas
  15. A story that explains the origin of a natural phenomenon is a (a)legend (b)myth (c)parable (d)fiction

Theory (5 marks)

Discuss the theme of deceit in Dele Charley’s Blood of a Stranger







1. A metre rule is found to balance at 48cm mark. When a body of mass 60kg is suspended at the 6cm mark, the balance point is found to be at the 30cm mark

i. Calculate the mass of the metre rule

ii. Calculate the distance of the balance point from the zero end, if the body were moved to the 13cm mark

2a. when is an object said to be moving with a uniform speed

b. If a motor car accelerates uniformly from rest at 5.0m/s2 until, it reaches a speed of 20m/s. it travels at this speed for 4.0s. The brakes are then applied and the car comes to rest with uniform retardation in a further 8.0s

i) Use your graph to determine how far the car travelled after the brakes are applied

ii) Total distance travelled by the car

3a. Define

i) Principle focus

ii) Radius of curvature of a concave mirror

bi) Draw a ray diagram to show how an image is formed by a concave mirror when an object is placed at its centre of curvature

ii) State two differences and one similarity between the characteristics of the image formed in b(i) above and that formed by a plane mirror

4a. By means of ray construction show how a concave mirror can be used to produce a magnified virtual image of an object placed perpendicularly on its principal axis

4b. A concave mirror of focal length 20cm forms an erect image four times the size of the objects placed in front of it. Calculate the distance of the image from mirror




1. Write the electronic configuration of the first 30 elements

2. Explain the following terms with at least two examples

i) efflorescence ii) deliquescence iii) hygroscopy iv) neutral oxide v) amphoteric oxide

3. Write the structures of the following compounds

i) 4- ethyl- 5 – methyl hept -2- ene

ii) 2,2,5- trimethylhept-3-yne

4. How many isomers are there in pentyne [show with correct structures)

5. The volume occupied by 1.58kg of a gas at STP is 500cm3. What is the relative molecular mass of the gas? (GMV at stp= 22.4dm3)

6. A given volume of methane diffuses in 20 seconds. How many will it takes the same volume of sulphur (iv) oxide to diffuse under the same conditions? [C= 12, H=1, S=32, O= 16]

7. 200cm3 of oxygen diffuse through a porous plug in 50 seconds. How long will 80cm3 of methane (CH4) take to diffuse through the same porous plug under the same conditions?

8. How many grams of HBr would be required to react with 2g of propyne[C= 12, H=1, Br= 50]

9. In a neutralization reaction carried out by Dy/Dx using Hcl and NaoH. Suggest the type of indicator that should used with reasons to arrive at the required end point.

10. Differentiate between end point and equivalence point in a titrimetric analysis






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